Like it or not, this 15 years of grey’s anatomy shirt. She is his sun. And even though Derek was a great love, he would have never taken a hit like that for her. So why exactly Maggie and Jackson can’t leave the tent? It’s the rain, they are not gonna melt! Am I missing something? Expecting that your 9 months pregnant friend colleague will cover all your shifts and patients while you go camping. I’ve watched Greys from the beginning. After Derek died, I’ve always hoped Meredith and Alex would be together, but then he found Jo and Meredith finally found Deluca and I’m ok with that. BUT, if Deluca is gone, it’s back to Mer and Alex somehow, someway on down the line! I see a lot of hate towards Teddy Owen!

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I am the 15 years of grey’s anatomy shirt. And finally, I do NOT care for the whole Maggie Jackson storyline. They are a pretty dull couple compared to the Jackson April storyline. Merideth Grey is not going to allow Andrew Deluca to take the fall for her. Come on now. Do we not know our heroine at all? Second, Amelia and Owen have about as much chemistry as Bailey and Webber; and Maggie and Jackson for that matter! Amelia and Link are very good together. As far as Owen and Teddy, she is his lifetime love. He never allowed himself to love her to the fullest because he was afraid to be happy. Remember what happened in therapy when Owen was happy?

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    I ordered this t-shirt for my girlfriend and she is delighted with it. This is the 3rd one I have ordered in the past couple of weeks and I’m delighted with the quality and ease of ordering for every one of them. The delivery is quick and the printing is perfect.

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