The good side of Dodgers Los Angeles dodgers shirt, if he’s a father he really did a great job to save the eggs, or even she’s a mother she’s really great mom! In my opinion, they put a camera to distinguished if how the bird reacted if he or she left the eggs but look so amazing bird really great. they couldn’t go around her. This is filmed nearby my house. It is a new technique here in Holland. The bird and nest won’t be harmed. The farmers over here do everything they can to protect these Tiny little creatures. Of course, the animals are a little stressed. But they are even more stressed when there are predators. This is a beautiful technique, because of this a lot of birds survive.

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The Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers shirt. But how decent was the farmer who raised the discs of his harrows so as to not disturb her and her clutch? A rare human being even if it was a filmed set up. Set up the camera to avoided running over the bird and eggs. Or for a Facebook picture op? The bird was definitely scared but was protective. Nature is amazing. Wish people were more amazing. his must happen all the time, whoever filmed it I presume did so so that the world can see there is a love greater than ourselves.

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