That fateful Saturday arrived when he is going to Hairstylist Christmas shirt the haircuts. I, being the eldest of the three sons am the proverbial Guinea pig. Although I was still very young, I was quite aware of how inept my father was and this frightened me. For example, that Christmas, my brothers and I had received bikes as gifts. My father had put them together incorrectly and I spent Christmas day with a wrench taking them apart and correcting his mistakes.

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I was placed upon a Hairstylist Christmas shirt and the haircut began. He cut my hair to a certain length and the realized one side was longer the the other. He cut that side and now it was shorter than the other side. He then cut the side now that was too long and now it was too short. He then angled the blade at the incorrect angle and gouged the left side of my head. To this day I can still feel with my fingers where he cut into my skull. It has always been a bald spot. Not only did the blood and my pleading not cease the hair cut, he continued to cut and cut until I was completely bald. I was in pain and bleeding and now mortified that I was bald.

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