Just after my husband and I got married, we ran into Jesus just praise him shirt financial difficulty and moved into what was essentially a mother-in-law house, on the property of an old friend of his, who only charged us a fraction of what typical rent would have been. This was a man my husband considered a mentor and a father figure. He was older, and he and my husband had been friends for many years before I was even in the picture. And my husband had rented this little place from him, once before, with no problems whatsoever. She did smoke weed. But she did more than just that. She was an opiate addict. Pills. Now, I’m not judging here.

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I have very close family members who are Jesus just praise him shirt, and I have lived, and do live, every day, with the personal effects of addiction. But this woman was not only addicted. She was also toxic. And bat-shit crazy. The full extent of her toxic insanity would not come out til I found out I was pregnant with my son and would have her poor mother rolling in her grave, but that is another story, for another time. It was down in a bag. And my husband was ill. I wasn’t in that mindset. And D had never taken anything from us, but a few pills here and there. We knew she did that. But we had changed our locks since then. She had been told to stay out. We thought our home was safe.

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