I don’t think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are running away from everyone, but they are trying to distance themselves from London and that bustle and noise Jesus the ultimate deadlifter gym shirt. I don’t think Harry and Meghan wanted to live next door to Prince William and his family. Wonder if that was a little too close for comfort, perhaps? Out of the glaring spotlight, and he definitely is not okay with his new baby being on display for the world to see. So the queen likely suggested Frogmore Cottage.

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That way the couple has space to breathe and the distance between William and Harry might help their relationship with Jesus the ultimate deadlifter gym shirt. Running away is likely the last thing Meghan would wish to do. She truly loves the cameras and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, but she went along with Harry to their new home in Windsor. And Windsor isn’t like moving to the Scottish Highlands. They are close to London, the Queen has a castle right down the road, where she spends her weekends, and their lots to do in Windsor.

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