I was an emotional wreck. I went from blind anger to deep depression multiple times a Kiss my mas shirt, using a steady supply of Long Island Ice Teas to see me through. Our son, an only child, graduated from high school that summer as well, and he spent the summer at my parent’s house in Colorado, where he had a summer internship. I was so lonely and despondent that summer, I even thought about killing myself. I spent every day drinking, laying out by our backyard pool, waiting for the divorce papers to arrive in the mail.

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laying out on a lounge chair in my bikini, when I thought I saw Kiss my mas shirt behind the bushes at the side of the yard. Stealthily keeping an eye on the spot while I laid on my stomach, I was certain someone was there. Then I casually got up and headed to the backdoor, cocktail in hand. Wanting to put him out of his nervousness misery, I reached over and slid my hand down his shorts. I’d only caught a tiny glimpse of his cock when I found him masturbating outside, and I was pleasantly surprised with what my hand was discovering inside his shorts.

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