When I was around seven years old Mandalorian hunt ’em all Metallica shirt, I used to get these weekly worksheets as homework with very general questions. And the dedicated student that I was, I used to finish it that very day and would be the first one to submit. There was this interschool debate competition for which our teacher—a balding-tawny-young man, who spoke a jarring accent of English, was seeking volunteers. Scapegoats, who would go on to represent our nondescript school against the better equipped, smarter kids from the convents.

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Even the toppers refused to take the Mandalorian hunt ’em all Metallica shirt, sensibly so. Our teacher coaxed and convinced in vain, and he left, visibly upset. I rehearsed what I had to say to him, our teacher. Somehow, managed to muster the courage and walked up to him during the lunch break. I shared my intent to take part in that competition. He took a moment or more to register my face, he didn’t quite manage. After a good five minutes of conversation, he consented to my candidature. The next few days he helped us prepare for the contest. There were two of us, the two who were selected, rather, the only two who volunteered. So, yeah, our bench strength wasn’t quite great.

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    Received my shipment a few days late and was pleasantly surprised to find a £10 voucher and a banana chew! Well done guys. Great quality t-shirts great quality print will definitely be ordering again. 5 stars!

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