gaslighting of the population 4) changing rules/traditions of the constitution to Mickey Utah utes tattoo shirt threats if reprisals for nonconformance. Shushanna Shitima I think that looks like a Dictatorship, with only Marshall Law missing. Patriots must be so proud of our new Democracy. Wieslaw Piatkiewicz Putin would be proud of Boris! Stalin would be proud of Boris! You can be as democratic as you like provided you follow the leader, let alone the Party line! I would hasten to remind our readers that the opening paragraph of the 2017 Queens Speech stated that this Government would negotiate the best possible deal for the UK before leaving the European Union. Tony Marques Wieslaw Piatkiewicz You may have misunderstood the Tory Manifesto of delivering Brexit based on a principle that No Deal is better than a bad deal.

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The Remainer, Theresa May screwed it Mickey Utah utes tattoo shirt. The EU is emboldened to give us a bad deal because of collaborating Remoaner MPs convincing the EU that No Deal is off the table. Remain Campaign and Remoaner MPS have done a great job of causing division, uncertainty and undermining the UK’s negotiating position. Boris Johnson is putting that treachery right. Mal Watts Wieslaw Piatkiewicz but time after time they haven’t. He’s just preventing them from voting against a deal again to prolong Brexit. As for democratic didn’t the majority vote to leave? Matthew Bingham Wieslaw Piatkiewicz remembers “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”… it’s true, there is NO BETTER deal than a bad deal because only bad deals exist for leaving the EU.

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    A marvellous job done on two t-shirts of similar design but printed on dark or light material. For a change, no sign of the printing washing out after the first wash.

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