The topic was Positive Discipline. I never heard of it and decided to check out a book with the same name Nurses we can’t cure stupidity shirt. That book was an eye-opener. It confirmed my suspicion that parenting should not be just opinion based. We should not do things just because it’s that way for generations because we now know some practice is harmful to children. I started reading more and more on child development and evidence-based parenting. I never knew people actually did scientific research on parenting issues. The way everyone talked about it made me believe that opinions and anecdotal experiences were all we had.

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But they’re not all we have. We now have decades of scientific studies and advance brain scans telling us what is good and what is bad for our kids Nurses we can’t cure stupidity shirt. The first three years in a child’s life is of utmost importance. That’s when their brain’s neural connections are developing and strengthening the fastest. I started reading all the research findings and child development info when my daughter was almost two. Although I learned that I made lots of mistakes. I still feel good that I had time to make things better by researching any parenting topics I could think of and changing the way I raised my daughter accordingly.

My small decision to take a peek at the Positive Discipline book made a huge impact on how I look for information to help me, parent. The resulting changes that I believe affect my daughter’s development significantly include. Having a traumatic childhood, I didn’t know how I could do this positively and gently. I am so grateful that I can now be the mother I’ve always wanted to be because of this small decision. I feel at peace that my house is always full of laughter. My daughter is happy, well-adjusted, confident and assertive. She has many friends and is liked by almost everyone who meets her.


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