Our daughter told me that every time I moved or made a sound she would rush to Peace love nightmare shirt. Worried that she wasn’t sleeping our daughter tried to take away her wheelchair. It made no difference She still managed to be there by my side. When I woke I was paralyzed on my left side. I couldn’t sit up, feed myself, or anything else. When I was transferred to rehab you guessed it, she was there by my side, feeding me, helping me, pushing me, and most importantly supporting and encouraging me. My loving wife made all the difference. Without her there I am sure my hospital recovery would have taken longer. I had to learn to walk again, learn to safely go up and downstairs, how to get up off the floor, and even eat.

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How many people could or would deal with this? Even when we got Peace love nightmare shirt, I still had a lot of work before me. I found myself with a slave master that pushed me to do better each day. We had this teacher who was a true bitch on wheels, she was young, single, attractive, and convinced of her superiority over everyone, male or female. She really was unliked by everyone I knew. She had this Volkswagen bug convertible, one of the old ones, the new beetle would not come along for years. She loved that car, parked across two spaces, she was seriously anal-retentive about it, checked in multiple times a day. So, one day, a bunch of us filled it top to bottom with contraceptive foam.

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    I ordered a personalised t-shirt for my brother and the quality was great really quick delivery. Very happy overall There is a few of us going away in the summer and want personalised t-shirts so I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.

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