Now if I ask her some questions related to addition subtraction Pretty Good at drinking beer shirt, she always tries to co-relate with real life sceneries and tries to solve it quickly. The biggest problem in our education system is that math is taught as more of numbers and complex theory than its applications in the real world. Students can’t connect with math very easily. Yes, they do it. I have seen many math teachers in school and engineering colleges. Just come to class and keep solving big equations without explaining the applications of solving these equations.

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Math is one subject which is very much connected with every aspect of our day to day life but being taught as just numbers and equations Pretty Good at drinking beer shirt. Connect math with real life sceneries, give examples of how math can be applied to solve a problem. Make the math concepts clear than just solving equations mechanically. Encourage students to come out with simple solutions to complex problems, make learning math more fun. Just see things through as you can.

You may need to learn certain social skills and coping techniques to have good boundaries. Maybe running away means there is a fear of being overwhelmed by that situation or person. Listing out just what you need to do and doing only that is a good way to avoid running from everything in that case. You can mark major things on a calendar and cross them off too. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. Just do what you can as you can. To stop running away from people, you can decide to see them and speak to them, but limit the times and ways you do so.


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