Jo Taylor No deal was supposed to be the worst-case scenario, not something to Proud mom of a 2020 graduate shirt. Why can’t we put aside our differences and work together to get an exit plan that works? This is lunacy. Ellen Eyes Jo Taylor as they have been trying for the last 3 years and got nowhere. We had 2 extensions and them after a third! The EU isn’t changing their mind and this deal has been voted down 3 times. What choice do they have, ignoring everything that happened the last 3 years and crawling back with tail between legs and lose every bit of credibility they have. Clive Gat Es Scott Walker that depends on your definition of s bad deal, parliament already decided May’s surrender document was a bad deal. Andre Kiley Jo Taylor Lunacy is ignoring the vote to leave – a clear unequivocal mandate for OUT…

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there was never a question in the referendum about Proud mom of a 2020 graduate shirt must be a deal! Nicky Elmer The idiots who are sitting in parliament all have their own agendas and are using Brexit to further their own careers. I’m utterly fed up with all of them. Jo Taylor That you can’t even agree on this point without blaming each other is why a deal isn’t working. What do you actually want? It genuinely isn’t enough to say we want out of Europe. It’s like saying I want out of an aircraft then proposing to jump without a parachute because it’s taking too long to land. 50 years we have been in the EU. It’s not going to happen quickly.

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    United Fashion

    This is my fifth order in around three weeks. The outcome never fails to please me. Seeing something you’ve designed or even a filtered pic off the internet put onto a quality T shirt turning out exactly as you’d imagined it, is fantastic. I’ll just keep designing and ordering until my wardrobe is full ????

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