Neil Faulkes Excellent news. Good for her. More should follow and Randy watson signature shirt will have nowhere to go except into the record books as the shortest tenured prime minister in history. Neil Faulkes he will go. He just needs helping out. The Tories realize their existence is now in serious danger. They won’t let him continue much longer. Phil Murphy Renia Maybanks From the likes of you, more like. You, personally, gain nothing from the EU. It’s a globalist, corporate club and a gravy train for politicians. You wouldn’t notice any significant changes in your everyday life. Anthony Ayres Dexter Bowles was thinking the exact same thing mate.

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It’s either sheer stupid or willful ignorance. Either way, it’s not good Simon Evans Phil Murphy you do know the reason for the big push to leave the EU? It’s got everything to do with creating a tax haven for the elite and nothing to do with protecting the people of the UK. Jo Tizzard Dexter Bowles following parliamentary procedure is being unbiased. Writing a huge effing lie on the side of a bus to get dimwits to vote the way you want them to IS being biased. Kevin Ian Baker Simon Evans yes – actually avoiding Eu regulations covering offshore tax havens, that’s what this whole thing was about from pre-Cameron days. Wayne Linley Renia Maybanks Remainers should go. Leave the UK and live in your corrupt disgusting EU protection racket that is now in recession

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