Our studies and games were always together. Being the rich kid that Rass and Chandler friends shirt, he got a PC and a laptop much before most people around us did. His was the first laptop in the whole town. We used to play on those together. When my mother made something special, it would be shared with him. When he was taken to theatres for watching movies, he would insist that I accompany him. I watched my first movie in a theatre with him, a little over 16 years ago. We played, we fought, we made up after the fights. We were the best of friends and we were absolutely inseparable. It all changed about 15 years ago.

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His family decided to shift to a Rass and Chandler friends shirt. It was nearer to the city. Our place was far into the suburbs and they wished to have the comforts of the city available easily. Both of us were unhappy and we parted. We have never met each other after that day and neither of us knew anything about the other. We didn’t know what either of us studied and don’t know what we do now. I know he is well because his grandmother used to come to our town where a lot of her friends stayed. She had a sort of falling out with one of my mother’s friends and thus ended the contact between us.

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