Des Allen Renia Maybanks and you lot scream from the rooftops about She wants the Drake signature shirt & traditional constitutional practices being upheld you all blame Johnson for splitting the Tory party when the truth is it’s you rem answers which have split Tories because you’ve not implemented the referendum which all of the parliament promised to do along comes Brexit party all but wipes out everybody in EU election this backs the tories into a corner either they realign themselves to their promises to leave or they face being destroyed be Brexit party it’s the if ever the remai need in Tory party needed to get behind & deliver Brexit it’s now if they don’t see it because they are rare in this London bubble. Sue Swadling Renia Maybanks get real the man needs to go he has not stuck to his role he’s not impartial and continually comes down on the side of he’s a remainder himself.

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Andrew Herman Paul Lillyman His ‘interference’ has been to She wants the Drake signature shirt. Bakewell Amanda Rehman, you’re obviously a leftie. Do you even know who Tan Dhesi is?  Berkow IS bias and has an agenda for doing what he has. He has stepped out of line when he made HIS comments previously. Brenda O’Brien Rehman Afzal He’s shockingly biased! He is the worse, most vindictive, arrogant, odious little man who has ever held that prestigious position. He’s a bully and throws his weight around just because he can. Bent every rule in the book over the last three years, but recently ramped up the volume – not even trying to hide his bias any more! You are talking rubbish young man.

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