The finder brought it to my home and never took the Social distancing expert shirt. I wasn’t much concerned about the money but he saved me from a lot of hassle getting my id, drivers license, bank cards back. He was an immigrant who barely spoke my language, by the way! Con Lucey Sebastian Kreisel I lost my wallet on one of the Irish Ferries. It was found by an Eastern European seaman on board.I was so pleased to reward him for his honesty. Jacky Bodell, There are some extremely good people out there. We don’t hear enough about them, only the bad ones.

Social distancing expert shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee and tank-top

Social distancing expert hoodie


Social distancing expert ladies tee

ladies tee

Social distancing expert sweater


Social distancing expert tank-top


Best Social distancing expert shirt

Daniel Lopez Don’t let the Social distancing expert shirt! David Fish Lukasz Matyja Keeping something you find that doesn’t belong to you is theft. Are you a thief? Ana Rose Khan Mary Schrader Furnish have you ever met karma? Have you ever died before? Therefore I think it’s a bit hasty to jump to conclusions and draw a final decision of non-existence… something has to keep the world on an even keel. Ibrahim Shola Salami You don’t have to say this to discredit what this man did, we all know many of us won’t have returned the money as he does. Suda Kamasuda-Studio Buda Hahaha it is theft you idiot if you were caught in possession of someone else’s crap and you said “i found it” it wouldn’t work out so well.

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