But I had to leave the sick child to the teacher and the aide and tell the rest of the children that she was going to be okay and that the teacher and her assistant were going to help her Sorry I’m late I took the rhombus shirt. I was looking into their sweet trusting eyes and it was one of my most beautiful moments. They have tempted some of them were probably interested in the mothers would have liked to have comforted the child. But they listened to me and continued to help put the toys away. It could have been a disgusting moment. When you start losing interest in everything, you feel everything is obvious and you will not be able to share a laugh or enjoy as other people do.

Sorry I’m late I took the rhombus shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank-top

Sorry I'm late I took the rhombus Tank-top


Sorry I'm late I took the rhombus Sweater


Sorry I'm late I took the rhombus Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Sorry I'm late I took the rhombus Hoodie


Best Sorry I’m late I took the rhombus shirt

If someone cracks a joke, you feel a voice in your head. Isn’t that obvious Sorry I’m late I took the rhombus shirt. Or even might feel disgusted on that person for cracking a stupid joke. If someone says the movie is awesome, you feel it was ok. Will have no special opinions about it, where others can go on and on about you should or shouldn’t watch the movie and which part of it is good or which are bad, you honestly do not have any thoughts on them. When someone says, what is your subject of interest, or what do you like doing, you simply say. I don’t know or some answer to satisfy them so that they would stop asking further questions?

As a matter of fact, you honestly don’t have any opinion of whether you should opt for that read or subject or activity or not. Someone sees nature and feels ecstatic, while you feel normal, pleasant but just ok nothing more. You do not feel like going out, or doing anything since your mind would say, I am not interested. The upside of this is, You tend to feel you are more matured than others when they react to pressure or tense situations by panicking while you simply do not show many reactions and be able to provide a logical solution that others might not think in those situations. You will be able to handle difficult situations easily because you are disconnected.


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