To make matters worse, she had gotten ahold of his tax returns. He is a Squirrel protect your nut shirt, and more than half of his revenue is paid out to sub-consultants, laboratories, material vendors, etc., but she convinced the Court to use his total revenues – and not his net or taxable income – in calculating the amount of child support. Thus the amount was thousands of dollars per month a sum which he could not possibly afford to pay.

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So he filed for divorce in Florida, Squirrel protect your nut shirt case was appropriately accepted by the Florida courts, since all three of the interested parties were legal Florida residents. But the Washington County courts refused to give up jurisdiction, and of course his worthless wife continued living with his child, unemployed, with her parents in Fayette County. The Florida court eventually just threw up its hands and closed the case, because there was nothing they could to enforce their jurisdiction. He admitted that he had just assumed I’d go along and that he had learned something positive from our mild shoving match. Funnily enough, nothing like that ever happened again in the five years I was with the company.

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