Living in the present means you are aware of Stitch Pumpkin Halloween shirt, of where you are, who you are with, what is going on RIGHT now. This is a hard thing to do, because those thoughts of the past and the future are going to be lingering nearby, trying to sneak in and sabotage you. Living in the moment takes practice, it takes diligence, and it takes mental discipline. But like anything you feel strongly enough about, and that you want bad enough, you can do it. It might not even be possible, but if anyone can do it, I’d put my money on an 18 year old who is already figuring things out and has expressed a desire to experience life in the way that you have said up there.

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The future is a crap shoot. Everyone needs goals, Stitch Pumpkin Halloween shirt, and you might miss because you don’t get that far. Something interferes and derails your journey. So the best way is to set small goals for the time being, but to have one of two really big goals far down the road that leads to the future. Make those small goals, one day at a time, and be sure to give yourself credit for the wins, and not let the losses or mistakes mess you up. Everybody makes mistakes, that’s how we learn.

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