Last Saturday, I bought a splash pad, stripped my daughter naked due to the hot Theatre is my sport vintage shirt, and watched her squealing with delight as she happily ran through the water. I video called my mother-in-law straight away so she could share in the excitement. After a lovely conversation she eventually hung up the call and got straight on the phone to my husband berating him for having our daughter naked all of the time.

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She asserted that since we live with a male tenant, we shouldn’t allow our Theatre is my sport vintage shirt to be naked in our home. Now given the last few phone calls had been at bath time, she’d seen a bear baby a lot recently. But I just couldn’t fathom why on earth she thought we’d allow someone to live with us who we feared could be a threat to our cherished daughter, naked or otherwise. It was offensive and underhand and my poor husband ended up turning his phone off in frustration halfway through the call. And now, she hasn’t spoken to us or seen her granddaughter in over a week because I certainly won’t be calling her during bath time anymore. Self-destructive and very sad. This particular moment, it was the beginning of the school year, maybe a month or so in. We had just gotten our PARCC scores back, and we were in aftercare. I hadn’t shown my score to anybody yet, because I got embarrassed by these kinds of things.

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