I had just bought this little white Pontiac Lemans tempest convertible and Tiger king shirt wanted to go for a ride. Well, I was more than willing to oblige her. So I am driving down the road past a subdivision and people were out playing with their kids in the front yard. All of a sudden she pops up in her seat with this huge water gun and starts squirting the people as we go by. We here little screams of laughter about getting squirted and we start laughing. When we got past them I looked at her and asked her what had come over her and she said the devil made her do it.

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It was embarrassing but great fun. I never Tiger king shirt anything like that from her. I didn’t eat anything the next day I avoided him and went on as nothing happened I felt completely lost I didn’t know what to do I never told anyone about what happened and now I’m even more scared. Scared that no one will believe me. I struggle with anxiety and depression I never talk to anyone about how I feel and after what he did I can’t trust anyone I lost all my friends because I didn’t know who to trust after we left I couldn’t sleep until the sun was up I would stay up all night and sleep during the day I still do that to this day afraid that he will be there. My body freezes when I feel something behind me when I’m sleeping even if it’s just a pillow I just get flashbacks of the time it happened.

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