He said he’d keep me informed We’re on our own side shirt. I grew really concerned and a nearby runner told me he had heard the same thing, but it turned out the bombs were just problems with the electrical wires near the finish line. His story seemed more probable, so I assumed my friend was misinformed. As I passed the 25-mile mark, I noticed many people were walking in the other direction, calmly. Policemen who were routinely minding the edges of the marathon path seemed calm as well. Although they were speaking into their walkie talkies more frequently than before.

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I kept running, assuming the other people were simply spectators leaving after their friends had finished. The bomb really was just a problem with the electricity We’re on our own side shirt. But suddenly, someone in my training group grabbed me and told me not to continue. She confirmed there were indeed bombs, and they closed everything off up ahead. We gathered as many people from our group we could find and everyone made their way to an acquaintance’s empty office building, where there were heat and water. It was getting pretty cold at that point, especially with singlets and shorts on.

I went to go look for my friends and family. As I got closer to the finish line area, there were hundreds of people roaming the streets, looking really confused and lost. The air smelled sharp and smokey. I saw some people crying and hugging each other. Police had cordoned off lots of areas and were directing people to go around 5-6 blocks away from the affected site. I was shivering, limping, and disoriented and desperately trying to get my cell phone to work. I could get in touch with my family and friends. A random woman on the street saw me standing there, cold and distressed, and without any hesitation, she took off her coat and put it around my shoulders.


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