Karen Shreeves Roxanne Walsh she is not her experience this photo can never diminish what happened to What would dr Hinshaw do shirt. This photo shows that under any happy exterior can hide a past trauma. Sorry, she doesn’t look depressed enough for you but many many women put a happy face on the truth that hides inside. Sharolyn Bird Roxanne Walsh I’m sorry if she doesn’t look like a recently raped woman, even though her experience was over four years ago. Jessi Ramsey Golden Were you looking for a picture of her unconscious behind a dumpster? Stop fetishizing trauma. Roxanne Walsh Jessi Ramsey Golden Well, I think you should own that one, Jessi.

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That is not where my mind went at all. What would dr Hinshaw do shirt I would want to see a photo like the one you described. You too should own your own thoughts. Sheesh. Sure didn’t need to read that. Chante Libra This photo shows her bravery and what she has battled to overcome, she is an inspiration. Roxanne Walsh, I like your perspective. Perhaps it even shows her healing. Discrediting women is so subtle in the media, I notice most in photos. Seriousness like the girl in this post I think is what is needed now. Yes she looks put back together, and I take nothing away from what it took to get there. It is important to celebrate that. AND, I just wonder about how we will make it VERY clear that the laws are written by men, for men need to change and they need to make sure that happens sooner rather than later. Each silent voice of the men and there are many, makes them complicit in these crimes, IMO.

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    there was a slight glitch in the first print but Emily from customer service followed up very quickly and helped me sort it out. Chat on the design webpage also worked very nicely.

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