Gaye Perera, I pre-ordered just now. I hope she sells millions, and Yeah I have excellent coochie shirt of every person who remembers his actions. Serena Margherita Her victim impact statement still makes me cry. It was so powerful. Happy to see her come out of the shadows and stand tall. Elizabeth Roberts I am in awe of her bravery the courage it takes to put yourself and your story out there and to name yourself after such a public horror is inspiring. Lissa Bloomer, I think we need to have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative punishment for BrockTheRapistTurner.

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I’m a beekeeper, so I have a few ideas Yeah I have excellent coochie shirt, give him paper cuts on his family jewels, and put him in a bath of vinegar mixed with chilies. Lissa Bloomer Megan Milligan I’ve got the honey. And apparently there are bears in my area. So yeah. Travis Fees Lissa Bloomer Platypus venom the offending organ, it’s mind-numbingly painful, can last weeks, and narcotics, even those intended for end-stage cancer do nothing whatsoever to alleviate the pain. Roxanne Walsh, I am glad she is happy now, but I question the use of this photo, it seems to take away from the experience she has gone through, diminishing it somehow. Media is like that based on my experience.

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    there was a slight glitch in the first print but Emily from customer service followed up very quickly and helped me sort it out. Chat on the design webpage also worked very nicely.

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