prejudices of unenlightened people and did it well. Sadly. You had me at tornado shirt the comment make you feel all morally superior??? Did a feeling of righteous indignation come over you?? You don’t even espouse your own opinion you need to regurgitate someone else’s. Like it or not this man has achieved more for America in 3 years than just about any other. All while causing the issue in the first place. Funny that many in the media won’t acknowledge this. Ray Carter These are what you call negotiations. This takes time and confidence in not only your choice but the cards you hold vs what your opponents hold. Many Americans seem too uneducated to understand the process. Barb White Ray Carter do you think China is going to turn around and start buying corn and soybeans from us again after switching over to Ukraine?

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They’ll want dirt cheap prices to switch back. Meanwhile, our You had me at tornado shirt are going bankrupt and living on 45’s welfare checks. Screw this guy – he is a terrible negotiator. What has a writer no matter how legendary achieved??? Those who can’t well they criticize. Bill Heiting And then there were “two calls”, and thinning there was no evidence of any calls. Pence, could you do your patriotic duty and call a doctor. Kosonna K Jameson Bill Heiting he’s long overdue to be removed on the ground of 25th amendment- incapable of his job based on mental instability.

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