Tabs Sudholz Sarah Anne I was called a rapist. Are you willfully ignorant? In Yup I’m essential shirt, I was attacked first. And not all the whining changes what happens in court and never will. You want to vent your frustration and are demanding I answer. Like I’m personally responsible. Again irrelevant when posed out of context on social media. Sadly required questions under cross-examination when a man could be put in jail. Sarah Anne Tabs Sudholz now you’re making assumptions, where have hating men been highlighted in anything posted? note that in my comment i mentioned ‘people’ not women… Sarah Anne Tabs Sudholz not ignorant at all, i think you’ll find that my working in the criminal justice sector means I’m pretty well educated on the topic. perhaps look into why you feel the need to lash out with insults instead of rationally presenting an argument.

Yup I’m essential shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee and tank-top

Yup I'm essential hoodie


Yup I'm essential ladies tee

ladies tee

Yup I'm essential sweater


Yup I'm essential tank-top


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Tabs Sudholz Sarah Anne WoT now ?? You’re obsessed. Now also Yup I’m essential shirt. Move along. Avigail Milton Tabs Sudholz There are a very few situations in which questions like that may be relevant, but in this specific case, the assault was witnessed by two other men. The victim was clearly unconscious while the perpetrator was sexually assaulting her. So I can’t quite imagine how what she was wearing* or what her relationship with her boyfriend was like could be relevant. Those questions are still victim-blaming but make slightly more sense in the context of having no witnesses. *Unless she was wearing a shirt that read “I consent to be fingered by a stranger behind a dumpster while unconscious”, I guess?

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    United Fashion

    Great service, I have used before a number of times for short runs and can not fault there prints or customer service : )

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